I am a scientist interested in how humans solve unstructured long-term problems together in organizations. I focus specifically on understanding and formally modelling relationships between data, information, knowledge, choice, and value in such problem-solving. I collect my research data through participating in problem-solving efforts, in spin-offs and companies that I have co-founded, held part-time executive, and/or advisory positions in, over the last decade. My view is that having skin in the game and participating in decision-making and problem-solving leads to richer research data and insights, more so than alternative data collection methods.

I hold the Chercheur qualifié position with the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research – FNRS, and am associate professor at University of Namur, at the faculty for economics, management, and sociology, the computer science faculty, and Namur Digital Institue. Prior to those, I have been an invited researcher at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, and at computer science faculties, at University of Toronto, and University of Trento.

As part of my fieldwork, I was and still am involved with spin-offs and businesses, being active mostly in corporate strategy, product ownership, and product design aspects there, resulting in digital services that today serve more than 500.000 people every day.

I am the author of “Analysis and Design of Advice” (Springer, 2011) and “The Design of Requirements Modelling Languages” (Springer, Sep 2015), and have published 80+ peer-reviewed research publications. So far, audiences for these contributions are colleagues working predominantly in computer science (software engineering, AI), management science, and economics domains.