Hi, welcome,

if you are here for my research, please read the outline first. There is also a longer research statement in technical language.

My academic publications are tracked and listed on DBLP, and available for download in various places online – you can find many via my profiles on Google Scholar and Semantic Scholar.

If you are here for my books:

  • Analysis and Design of Advice” is a long essay on decision-making in the presence of advice, focusing specifically on the relationship between advice and other information that is relevant when making decisions.
  • The Design of Requirements Modelling Languages” shows how to define instances of a special class of formal languages, used for the representation and reasoning (automated analysis) of information that is used and made during the design of complex systems.

If you are a student, and looking for course material on my decision analysis & requirements engineering course, it is on UNamur Webcampus.

If you want to get in touch, please email me first. If voice is better, call me at +32494394104.

My short bio is here, and we can connect on LinkedIn. I infrequently use Twitter, though I might pick it up again.