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Techne: Towards a New Generation of Requirements Modeling Languages

Techne is an abstract requirements modeling language that lays formal foundations for new modeling languages applicable during early phases of the requirements engineering process. During these phases, the requirements problem for the system-to-be is being structured, its candidate solutions described and compared in terms of how desirable they are to stakeholders. We motivate the need for Techne, introduce it through examples, and sketch its formalization.

Jureta, I.J., Borgida, A., Ernst, N.A. and Mylopoulos, J., 2010, September. Techne: Towards a new generation of requirements modeling languages with goals, preferences, and inconsistency handling. In 2010 18th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (pp. 115-124). IEEE.

I gave talks on Techne at the 2010 IEEE RE Conference in Sydney, Australia, then in 2010 at the University of Toronto, at York University, University of Namur, and University of Trento. Below is a sample presentation; this one was used at talks given in Canada.

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