Requirements Lifecycle & the DevOps Loop

Requirements Lifecycle & the DevOps Loop

It requires paraconsistent reasoning and involves cognitive dissonance to think at the same time about requirements in the way promoted in mainstream requirements engineering, and then use the DevOps loop (and the broader model), a method that has been demonstrated to work (and I’ve seen it applied in a team I was part of in…

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Planning Optimal Agile Releases via Requirements Optimization

This paper focuses on improving requirements quality in agile projects by determining requirements prioritization. Current methods suggest to take into account business value in order to determine the requirements priority rank. In practice it was observed that many other factors enter into the equation, such as implementation cost and functionality dependencies. Since agile methods suggest…

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Agile Requirements Evolution via Paraconsistent Reasoning

Innovative companies need an agile approach towards product and service requirements, to rapidly respond to and exploit changing conditions. The agile approach to requirements must nonetheless be systematic, especially with respect to accommodating legal and non-functional requirements. This paper examines how to support lightweight, agile requirements processes which can still be systematically modeled, analyzed and…