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From Decision Theory to Techne, and back

I gave two talks on the topic of qualitative decision analysis, which is what Techne was designed to support. At the time, we were looking for conceptual foundations for doing qualitative decision analysis, an alternative to standard decision analysis, which assumes richer information than what we typically have during requirements engineering and system design. Much of my research in general is motivated by the question of how to do decision-making with very limited and highly unstable information, which is typically the case when doing innovation. The screenshot below is from the second talk referenced here.

The first talk was at the Department of Information Engineering and Computer Science, at the University of Trento, on December 11, 2009. There was a need to relate Techne to basics of mainstream decision theory, in order to understand how much of a departure it was from oft-cited requirements modeling languages.

I gave a new version of this talk at the University of Namur, on March 22, 2010. It expanded on the ideas that were discussed in Trento.

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