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Legal Compliance of Roles and Requirements

The problem of regulatory compliance for a software system consists of ensuring through a systematic, tool-supported process that the system complies with all elements of a relevant law. To deal with the problem, we build a model of the law and contrast it with a model of the requirements of the system. In earlier work, we proposed a modelling language for law (Nòmos 2) along with a reasoning mechanism that answers questions about compliance. In this paper we extend Nòmos 2 to include the concepts of role and requirement so that we can reason about compliance in specific domains. Also, Nòmos 3 represents the distribution of responsibilities to roles, distinguishing social from legal roles. Nòmos 3 models allow us to reason about compliance of requirements and roles with the norms that constitute a law. A small case study is used to illustrate the elements of Nòmos 3 and the kinds of reasoning it supports.

Ingolfo, S., Jureta, I., Siena, A., Perini, A. and Susi, A., 2014, October. Nomos 3: Legal compliance of roles and requirements. In International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (pp. 275-288). Springer, Cham.

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